Saturday vibes and randomness

Love comes in many ways, many forms and on many levels. To love and be loved in return is the greatest blessing, no matter what form. As long as it’s real.

Once you start peeling back the layers you really start to see your truth, your worth and your strength. With layers comes balance. In order to love and accept others, you must learn to love yourself first.

I know that’s easier said than done, but if you can get past the surface, you’ll find it.

It all starts with you. Be beautiful, be YOU

Inside the silence

the words
one by one
from your lips
still drunk
from the lust
of the night
feeling the darkness
as we lay
in silence
the sound
of the clock
fills our being
every second
falling further
our dreams
we whispered
to the universe
sharing the secrets
that we hide
from others
until the sun
wakes up the rest
of the world
between the sighs
the inhales
and exhales
we always
find our way
back to each other

I am

his fingers
gently dance
across my heart
all the chords
that make up
my entirety
for he has
fallen in love
with ALL of me
the brokenness
of a past
I regret
the scars
that I can’t hide
and the beauty
that I strive
to show each day
he loves
the whole
of my being
when all pieced
delicately together
it’s beautiful to him
perfectly imperfect
I am 


I find you
inside another dimension
a vast space
outside of this physical world
where the concept of time
just doesn’t exist
where we connect
beyond the touch
beyond the mind
beyond the depths
of our surface
we connect in this sphere
that sits inside of emptiness
through the very souls
of our existence
the language we speak
has no voice
no shapes or letters
it has no rhyme or reason
there are no words
it only has a rhythm
a magnetic force of waves
that carry us to one another
through the universe
where we are connected
nothing could ever change that
we are bonded
forever, you and I

Just thinking

There are times in your life, that you sit back and think wow. You think about all the things you survived, when at a time you didn’t think you could. You think about the heart breaks, the ups and downs, the dark rainy days, the beautiful sunny ones and every day in between. You think about how awkward you’ve felt in your own skin over the years and at many points throughout your life. You think about what could have been, what should have been and what will be. You think about all the dreams you gave up on, about all the ones you still want and strive for. You think about the friends you’ve made, and how they’ve shaped you into a part of who you are. The ones you’ve lost and the ones who have drifted. All making a difference, in some way. You think of how time moves so quickly and it’s hard to keep up at times. Hard to hold on, when you feel your hanging from the edge of the earth.

And then you think, of how small we actually are in this vast space. How insignificant most things are. How much we could change just by starting with the person in the mirror. You think about what truly matters in this world, in this life.

Love one another but most importantly, love yourself. It all starts there.

Stars upon my skin

these thoughts
they come
one by one
in the quietness
of the night
I close my eyes
and let them
slowly fill my mind
ever so slowly
fill my soul completely
over something
so powerful
a force
pulling me closer
to the edge
soft whispers
upon my naked soul
leave me needing more
craving so much more
our dreams are stars
tattooed upon my skin
I find myself
falling for you
all over again