Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all who are celebrating today. I hope each and every one of you are doing well and feeling so loved today. I know this time of year is hard for a lot of us, so to all who are struggling, I’m sending you so much warmth and love today. You’ll never be alone as long as I’m here ❤


Liquid – A Collaboration

I had the pleasure of working with my best friend again! Thank you again bestie for this. You’re truly incredible. Please go over to his page and say hi

Piles of Syllables
leave this doubtful mouth
Some rhymes are just
better left unsaid
When it battles the test
of my contested mind
Please let this go
Let me go unheard
Let These delicate words
go smooth as liquid
down the drain
Like gasoline to the fire
filling up my lungs
that burns inside my flesh
Until there is no more
abstraction of thought
left for meeting
in the public conscious

– Message from Christopher

This one is for those who feel trapped. For those who feel like they don’t have a voice. For those who build and strengthen the walls around their hearts even further due to the betrayal and mistrust they have suffered. But I’m here to tell you personally that although those walls around our hearts are necessary and protective, I’ve also learned that it is certainly possible to let yourself open up those walls in the right context. The person that I have done this collaboration with, was that one person that I found that I can trust. I hid myself for such a long time. I’ve been through the struggle. I know how it feels to feel so alone. But you don’t have to be alone anymore. You can overcome this. You can be heard. You can have a voice. As long as you’re careful, and have the proper awareness and vigilance of knowing who best to let in and trust. While also being wise about who has your best interests at heart from those who do not. It’s dangerous to be vulnerable. That’s why I say to be wise about who to trust, so you don’t put yourself in danger. But I also want you to know that it is possible. There is still goodness left to find in this world. Although it’s not in quantitative abundance, there is still a minority group of us out here in the world that still have love, empathy, and compassion left to give. So if you happen to find that type of person or even a good group of people, then nothing can stop you and them from tearing down those walls and opening yourself up. You don’t have to suffer in the darkness and silence alone anymore. If nobody else cares, then at least WE do.

So I thank you with my whole heart bestie! The lovely and beautiful, thecreativechic. You were the one who finally tore my walls down. ❤️

My warrior women

For all my ladies, all my warriors, and all my queens – this is an ode to you. Yes, YOU!

be confident
be strong
never bow down
don’t be defined by anyone 
don’t allow your past to determine your path

and when someone tells you all the things “they think” you cannot be, you keep pushing forward and make it known that you cannot be stopped, you WILL NOT be stopped

let others see the fire in your skin and the crown’s power upon your head. You are bathed in sunlight for a reason. You are right here and right now for a reason. We need to be building each other up and seeing the true beauty in ourselves and others 

never seek the approval of others, for it’s not needed as you already know your worth

so, all my beautiful ladies, this is for you. I believe in you, I stand with you, and I am part of you

The real you

Life can be a dramatic show at times, a stage full of actors, pretending to be someone they aren’t. Lights, camera, action. When the curtains raise we seem to always be searching for the right mask to hide behind. A fake smile to present to the world so everyone thinks we are okay, trying to be the perfect person society wants us to be. Perfection is only an illusion that tells you you are less than. It’s the false representation of life and yourself. None of us are perfect.

You are meant to walk the path that makes you feel whole. Whatever that path is in your eyes. You don’t need permission from anyone to be your true self. Do it unapologetically. Shatter those expectations of society. Plant the seeds within yourself and watch them bloom into something that is so beautiful and has always been so beautiful. Your true authentic self.

I want the real, honest and raw YOU. The one that is perfectly imperfect. The one with scars, pain, darkness, struggles, happiness, sadness, hopes and dreams. That’s the YOU I want. The real you.

Let go and dance before the song is over.

Just be you

Be who you are. Who you truly are, whatever that may be. Be the strong, fierce human that you were created to be. You are unlike anyone else on this earth, unique and one of a kind. A beautiful work of art. A type of magic that only foolish people can’t see. A dreamer with a soul that is bound to set the world on fire. A star in this dark world. A lover, a fighter, a caring and a perfectly imperfect being.

Live into your values. Find your truth, your REAL truth. We all know who we truly are deep down inside. Don’t be afraid to show the world who YOU are. Be strong and accept the battles that you’ve had to walk through just to be here today. Wear your scars with pride and shine like the beautiful diamond that you are. 

Whatever and whoever you are, down to your core, to the depths of your very being, be that. 

Just be that

Just be you

Who you are

I hope that when you look into the mirror, that you remind yourself of what you are and what you are not.

You are not the mistakes of your past, or the bad circumstances that have happened to you. You are not what society says you should be. You are not the opinion of others.

You are strength and courage. You are to be seen, to be heard  and to be respected. You are a special. You are the most beautiful soul on this earth. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Be confident in your own skin, be worthy, because you are. I SEE YOU.

Beautiful You

You are amazing. A beautiful human, every man and every woman. Though our souls may at times set in darkness, remember that it will always rise in light. A balance of the in between, soaking up both. That is what makes us human and as I say, perfectly imperfect. 

We all are a stunning mystery, and carry the weight of the world on our shoulders each and every single day. Trying to live up to expectations and what others say we need to be. Trying to find our place in this world, when all it wants to do is keep you in a box. 

This is your reminder of how beautiful you truly are. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Look more than what any mirror will show you. The surface is only a small part of who you truly are. It’s the truth in the depths of you that is what matters the most. You are a work of art, beautifully painted and not by accident. Every beautiful part of you was created with a purpose. 

You will only know who you truly are, when you learn who you are not. Be you. Be beautifully you. I see you.