The fabrics of life

I watched her fold the fabric
neatly and gather it gently
under my peaceful face
I remember her hands
comfortable and tender
tucking me away in bed
telling me stories
of Kings and Queens
and a land far far away
the way her mouth would smile
as she reached the end
of the fairytale
I remember the softness
of her voice
as whispers of goodnight
filled my sleepy head

and as I drift off to dream
that’s how I’ll remember her
in the quietness of the silence
that’s where she will live
for eternity



standing at the window
she reads their love letters
to the universe
an infinite reflection
of who she was
staring back at her
as the colors of the moon
paint a luminous mural
across the room
the thought of him
comes flooding back through her
like it was just yesterday
and the goodbye 
hurts just the same
a promise once made
just a bitter-sweet memory


with every second 
that passes
I wish I could hear
the sound of your breath
as you whisper 
your love to me
and feel your voice
laying gently upon
the layers of my skin
I wish you knew how deeply 
you are etched 
into my bones
and that every poem 
that flows from my fingers 
will find a way to you
in every single lifetime 
this universe holds

Packing away memories

So, as I’m putting away all the Christmas decor today, I’m thinking of you. Thinking of all the memories we made and the love we shared. I wish I could have had you longer in life, but it wasn’t meant to be. I’m sorry you couldn’t stay.

This is the last thing you gave me before you left and it is still one of my favorite things, ever. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since you left because to me it feels like it’s been a lifetime. I hate how things feel so different now without you; nothing will ever be the same. 

Until we met again, I’ll visit you in my dreams and keep you alive in the memories I carry with me. 

though your body
is now free
and your soul
is at rest
I miss you 
and I wish
you were here