It’s 3am
and I’m
lying here

Drunk in my
own dreams
intoxicated by
thoughts of
I hear
the clock
minute by
tortured minute
nothing changes
the night
drags on
and on
I can’t catch
my breath
my body
runs cold
all feeling
is gone
you can’t
save me
there is
nothing left


It’s still
and I’m still
lying here

Copyright 2011

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The dreamer

The writer

The dreamer



More than I thought I’d be

Learning to forgive

Learning to love myself

just the way I am.

This is me

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Unloved is what I feel
when I am looking back at you,
unloved is what I am
when there’s nothing left to feel.

scared and
confined and

Unloved is what I feel
when I look inside myself,
unloved is what I am
when there’s nothing left to feel.

Copyright 2010

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These lips

Sweet sweet kisses

fall ever so gently

upon these lips of mine.

To find you in dreams

one can only wish.

As day turns into night

all the colors of the world fade

memories become all that’s left.

I lie in silence

still drunk from your kiss

your scent still filling the room

still filling my soul.

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Hope you all (the ones who celebrate anyway) had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. We should give thanks each and every day, not just today. Make memories every day and keep them tucked away in your heart for a lifetime to come. If you love someone, let them know. Say sorry, say thank you, help when you can, forgive, dream big, work hard, and just be a kind human being.

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Fulfilling your destiny

There are moments in your mind

When you feel stuck

stuck with where you are in life

stuck with who you are in life.

Moments when you feel defeated

when you feel not good enough

mot strong enough.

Moments when you feel scared

allowing the past control you

letting the future worry you.

Moments when you feel ashamed

of where you’ve been

and what you’ve been through.


One day it clicks

you realize that being stuck

is only something temporary.

That you are enough for you alone

and no one else.

You realize that the past, is the past

it doesn’t define who you are.

That right now, in this moment

is your time to fulfill your destiny.

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Head rush and I’ll walk to the bar
Keys left for another just lose the car
Hardly can I hear
This music on my mind will scar

I try looking from the inside out
but everything is so damn blurred
not even the drunken voices
that are screaming inside can be heard

still on a mission that nobody gave me
shot glass in hand just don’t call me baby
don’t remember my name
but think it’s you that can save me

I hear the whispers that call into the night
freeing the locked up pain, held well beyond
these deep dark eyes
you save me from this shitty place
you save me from my own blurred face

* A collab by The Creative Chic & davrberts *

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