As day awakens

you are
the gentle breeze
that runs through
these lines
the sound
of the ocean
as it
falls in love
with the shoreline
over and over
and the saturation
of the day
as it finds a way
out of the

The passing of time ( A collaboration with Surrealisticdreams )

Had the pleasure of writing with my good friend Surrealisticdreams again. Thank you SD, for sharing your pen with me.


the ticking
of the clock
beats loudly
inside my mind
I watch
as the hands
wrap themselves
around each number
steadily strangling
seconds, minutes, hours
into silent screams
only I
can hear –
tick- tock


I lie back
as the sun
warms my naked soul
I know you’re there
I can feel you
as the gentle breeze
rushes over me
I can smell you
as the summer rain
falls from the sky
caressing my skin
letting this moment
bring us together
for there is no other love
in this world
that I want
but yours.