I carry
the weight
of your world
upon my soul
the burdens
of your life
the pain
and sorrow
I hold
the secrets
that you share
as your tears
soak into me
I carry
your happiness
your smiles
and the dreams
of your heart
no matter
the day
or time
I’ll be
right here
waiting for you


gentle winds
blowing secrets
in my ear
the warmth
of their words
leave me
with daydreams
taking me back
as your fingers
gentle strummed
my soul
like a guitar
you learned
my melody
of us
that kissed
our skin
by day
as stars
filled our eyes
by night
of falling
again and again

Dream sweet girl

the seasons change
and winter sets in
cold soaked
down to her bones
her smile fades
oh so slowly
sweet girl
forget this dreaded world
the rain pounds loudly
against the window
silencing the pain
that screams from within
sweet girl
let your soul free
close your eyes
and just dream

Coffee and dreams

as our world
is fast asleep
in the quietness
of this place
we find ourselves
gently floating
through seconds
coffee and dreams
fill this space
that we share
a breath
of silence
falls upon us
and the day
finally awakens
though our time
here upon
this moment
doesn’t last
the love within
always will