For you

I wish

the stars

were mine

to give

I’d pick them

one by one

just for you


the sky

were empty

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The pages between

You’re a book

I’ve never seen

I want to

read your truth

line by line

as your soul

bleeds upon

all the pages

in between

At first glance

His fingers

ever so slowly

dance across my skin

tracing away

all my insecurities

warm gentle lips

kiss away

the haunting pain

that is buried

deep beneath my skin

at first glance

does he know

who I really am

or the weight

of my existence

his words

sweet like candy

I taste

in the deepest

most fragile parts of me

the warmth

like liquid

escapes me

filling my very soul


and satisfying

Wishing Well – A collaboration with Surrealisticdreams

Had an opportunity to write with my talented friend. Thank you Surrealisticdreams!


Sifting through

the lonely thoughts

that come

floating down

one by one

until they hit

the ground


Like flakes of snow

they gather

in piles

according to

their ranks

except for the ones

I tuck away

not ready to

let them go


Saving them all

deep inside

my stone walls




I lock

them all away


Until I find

the right stars

to attach each

beautiful one to

til then

they will remain

in this

wishing well

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fall like rain


naked flesh

hour by hour

the passion


fingers dance

searching the depths

of my core

the waves


one after another

until sated


the scent of us


filling the room

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they caress

the battered chords

that make up

my being

slowly strumming

my every curve

every dotted line

they drip like liquid

down into

the deepest part

of me

your words


like raindrops

and fill

my once empty soul

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