Summer breeze

I want to get lost
in a summer’s day
where I send my worries
away on a breeze
in moments infinitely fleeting
they touch you so gently
leaving before you can 
catch your breath again
it’s in those moments
that you find me
and I smile 
as little fragments of us
dance through my heartbeat
and the memories
remain upon my skin



my heart beats
in the quiet realms of the night
and I thought I could hear
the sound of your breath
I’ve memorized
the way you inhale
and slowly exhale
it’s as if I feel you
within each layer of my skin
in every second that ticks by
with moments so fleeting
I long to hold on to you
to this
because time is a strange story
and the script is already written
between the pages of you and I

I love you

it’s in these quiet moments
when we’re sitting there alone
waiting for the other’s words to come
that I’m reminded just how much
I love you
I cherish you
I adore you
when the world 
finally feels small enough to inhale
to fill my lungs with the very breath of you
and breathe in your essence
to feel alive as I close my eyes
no worries of yesterday
for that day is no longer
no fear of tomorrow
because that day never comes
it’s the right here, right now
that is all that truly matters
these are the moments 
we should live inside
these are the moments
of you and I

The color of your love

and I dreamt 
in the color of your love
all the beautiful shades
that make up your existence 
while the sound of your voice
traces down each line on my body
filling every pore of mine 
I can feel you
my love
I can feel you
this pulsating beat
that’s trapped beneath my cage
beneath the layers of my surface
it beats for you
and you alone
the equal to me in every way


standing at the window
she reads their love letters
to the universe
an infinite reflection
of who she was
staring back at her
as the colors of the moon
paint a luminous mural
across the room
the thought of him
comes flooding back through her
like it was just yesterday
and the goodbye 
hurts just the same
a promise once made
just a bitter-sweet memory