I only bleed red

I hold it
all in
and confined
within the walls
of my
broken soul

I can feel myself
to get out
and louder
I want out
I beg

I close
my eyes
and everything
to black
and white
no other color
can be seen
except the one
building up
inside of me

the tears
they fall
leaving puddles
on the bed
stained sheets
of pain
I only bleed

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I close my eyes
and drift away
forgetting for a moment
everything in the world
but you

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The Stranger

The smile fades
as he walks through the door
a stranger he is
someone she doesn’t know anymore

she lives her life
so different than his own
always together
but living a world alone

words of anger
they filter through the room
hurting like a knife
lingering around in gloom

the walls close in
with every breath she takes
suffocating her more
with every move she makes

The smile fades
as he walks through the door
a stranger he is
someone she doesn’t know anymore

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In the shadow of my silence
is where I find myself
buried deep inside
like a hidden treasure

can you see the depths of my soul
when it’s hidden from the world?
or are you still searching
trying to find my core?

I exist only for you
a lover that’s forgiven
casting me aside
for a love that’s forbidden

my love for you
was etched in stone
even long before
our secrets searched alone

I see only in color
when I look through your eyes
the shades of black and white
only fade when I close mine.

Copyright 2010

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Your words

speak to me
every single letter
made just for me
they ever so gently
find their way
to the deepest
part of my soul
warm and gentle
painted pictures
ever so delicate
like fingers s l o w l y
tracing down a lovers flesh
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Hush now

Don’t breathe a word
hush now
my love
let the bitter night
carry you to my dreams
A hundred beats per minute
mine seems to beat with time
A second for every tick
the lingering fate
of a lonely hearts crime
hush now
my sweet love
your secret is kept
deep within my walls
oh so safe
and when you softly
whisper my name
you’ll find my secret
is just the same

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Rain kissed dreams

rain drops fall gently
against the rooftop
the sounds of summer
slowly trickle down
one by one
the memories flood us
all at once
it feels like seconds pass
before another takes hold
the hours
are always changing
but the dreams
are always the same
soft whispers
shared long into the night
the secrets of our soul
we bare
soft kisses upon our lips
take us further and further
in the early morning hours
long before the sun awakens us
from our rain kissed dreams

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Innocent Eyes

the night
burdens us all
forgiveness soon fades
leaving us trapped
in darkness
cries of the heart
can be heard
in a room filled
with silence
no longer afraid
as I’ve seen
a lifetime of hate
masked by sweet lies
I pray for rain
to cleanse my broken soul
oh God let it rain
the tears they fall
one by one
from the sky
no words are needed
the story
has already been told
written by these once
innocent eyes

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At first glance

His fingers

ever so slowly

dance across my skin

tracing away

all my insecurities

Warm gentle lips

kiss away

the haunting pain

that is buried

deep beneath my skin

At first glance

does he know

who I really am

or the weight

of my existence

His words

sweet like candy

I taste

In the deepest,

most fragile parts of me

The warmth

like liquid

escapes me

filling my very soul


and satisfying

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