So … and here I am.

So yeah I know it’s been forever since I’ve actually written anything, but I am trying to get back at it. I am still here and around!

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Sweet Silence

Hush baby

now don’t say a word,

let the secrets of the night fill you.

Quietness falls upon my lips,

the bitter sweetness of this moment

is all I can taste, is all I can breathe.

Hush …. Hush

Curtains closed,

darkness finally consumes me

and the dreams,

they come one by one.

I allow the silence

to have its space

between these four walls.

Hush now …. don’t say a word.

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Stars upon our skin

These thoughts
they come,
one by one
in the quietness of the night.
I close my eyes
and let them
slowly fill my mind
ever so slowly,
fill my soul completely.
over something so powerful
a force
pulling me closer to the edge.
Soft whispers
upon my naked soul
leave me needing more,
craving so much more.
Our dreams are stars
tattooed upon our skin.
I find myself
falling for you all over again.

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