Broken glass (A Collaboration)

Another wonderful collaboration with Surrealisticdreams. Thank you again SD for your amazing poetry. You’re truly an amazing writer!


I wish 

you could see

my thoughts 

when I’m sitting

in the quietness 

of my mind


Like looking 


broken glass

with so many

jagged edges 

there I am


Yet, somehow

they refract

through each 

tiny sharded prism 

as beautiful

whole thoughts

in the most

vibrant colours


I wish

you could see them

by the time

they reach



Blue plaid dreams

The universe
the secrets
of our soul
and the
blue plaid dreams
come so slowly
we were
once whispers
in the night sky
stitching together
piece by piece
my heart
to yours


The memories


ink stained

and stored away


for a lifetime

never to be

seen again


only a reminder

of what

was lost or

once was

most times

just remaining

inside the frame

of a polaroid