Quietness and Solitude

In this moment

of quietness and solitude

I find the beauty that surrounds me.

Blue skies,

that hold the biggest of dreams

green trees,

that keep them all safe

beautiful flowers,

that smell like sweet candy,

and a warm summers breeze

that takes me back to you.

Sweet kisses

and fingers entwined

we lie beneath the stars

and dream.

All at once, everything is different

in this moment

of quietness and solitude.

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Everything will change

This inspires me. I hope it inspires you too.  Don’t let life get in the way of your hopes and dreams.  Don’t ever have regrets.  Never ever stop doing what you love, whatever your passion is.  Keep pushing on.

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A portrait of my life
waiting to be painted
with all the colors of the world.
I’ve waited all my life
to find comfort
in unspoken words.
To listen to the soul of another
without judgement,
without fear.
To find truth
in a beating heart
other than my own.
To feel safe
in the arms of my lover,
both stripped and naked
beneath our surface.
To feel more than pain.
To love more than hate.
To find strength
in the darkest of moments
will only set me free,
to paint my portrait
with all the colors of the world.

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I lie awake
in the stillness of the night
the depth of the silence
stealing my very breath.
My story
unfolds before you
bare naked
down to my very soul.
My scars are visible
as the clock strikes
its lonely hour
again and again.
Comfort finds me.
No longer can I hide
with this ink
I bleed the truth
upon these pages
beneath this surface of mine.

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The Writer

To write
I bleed,
a story must be told.
My truth escapes,
the bitter sweet taste
consumes each line.
The writer within
lives upon these pages.
I listen,
as you whisper my name
the very breath of you
fills my naked soul,
stirring something in my core.
Alive I am once more.
I listen in silence
to the secrets within.
To write
I bleed,
and yet another story begins.