Who you are

I hope that when you look into the mirror, that you remind yourself of what you are and what you are not.

You are not the mistakes of your past, or the bad circumstances that have happened to you. You are not what society says you should be. You are not the opinion of others.

You are strength and courage. You are to be seen, to be heard  and to be respected. You are a special. You are the most beautiful soul on this earth. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Be confident in your own skin, be worthy, because you are. I SEE YOU.

Poetry is everywhere

it’s in the way
my eyes
fall in love
with yours
each time
I see you
it’s the curve
of my smile
when I think
of you
it’s the touch
of my fingers
gently upon
your beautiful soul
it’s tucked away
in every star
for us
to wish upon
and in our dreams
that we hang
upon the moon
and read
to each other
as we drift away
with each
of the clock


without seeing you
or hearing your voice
I would still
know you
even if a lifetime
kept us apart
I would still
feel you
between the ends
of the earth
and everything
inside of stardust
there are still echos
of you and I
and even when
I leave this world
it is you
that I will carry
from this life
to the next