A million diamonds

A million 
little diamonds
in the night’s sky
lying here 
underneath them
with you 
by my side
we dream 
a thousand dreams
before we even 
close our eyes
our starlit sky
we’ll dream 
a thousand more
the twinkle fades
close our eyes
and make a wish
upon our shooting star
just for tonight
know we really aren’t 
that far

hush now 
my love
for a million ones
just for us


12 thoughts on “A million diamonds

  1. Stunningly beautiful imagery 😍❤️💖 WOW! This is one of your best to my subjective opinion. Keep on kicking ass my beautiful bestie! I love you so much 😘

    • Thank you so much bestie! I love and appreciate YOU and your love for my writing. You’re truly a lovely soul in this world. Grateful to know you. I hope you’re having a wonderful day and the sun is shining brightly for you. Sending you so much love!

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