The real you

Life can be a dramatic show at times, a stage full of actors, pretending to be someone they aren’t. Lights, camera, action. When the curtains raise we seem to always be searching for the right mask to hide behind. A fake smile to present to the world so everyone thinks we are okay, trying to be the perfect person society wants us to be. Perfection is only an illusion that tells you you are less than. It’s the false representation of life and yourself. None of us are perfect.

You are meant to walk the path that makes you feel whole. Whatever that path is in your eyes. You don’t need permission from anyone to be your true self. Do it unapologetically. Shatter those expectations of society. Plant the seeds within yourself and watch them bloom into something that is so beautiful and has always been so beautiful. Your true authentic self.

I want the real, honest and raw YOU. The one that is perfectly imperfect. The one with scars, pain, darkness, struggles, happiness, sadness, hopes and dreams. That’s the YOU I want. The real you.

Let go and dance before the song is over.


14 thoughts on “The real you

  1. It would be wonderful if everyone could be their true self and if we all could accept and support them unconditionally.

  2. Yes! This is so true. So many masks out there. To be open is strength. Society and so many people like to attack when openness is shown, when we should stand and lift. Great words and we’ll spoken

  3. “Perfection is only an illusion that tells you you are less than. It’s the false representation of life and yourself. None of us are perfect.”

    Those are such wise words! This whole entire piece for that matter, is very wise! I want the masses to listen to this! WE NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS! This world desperately need our authentic natures.

      • You’re BEYOND welcome bestie! ❤️
        I know right! It would be so incredible! Can you just imagine the goodness and the light, snuffing out our inner shadows simply because now we’re our authentic selfs and we acknowledge it? Can you just imagine the incredible artists we would become as we’re living out our full potential? WOW! AND SO MUCH MORE! HOW INCREDIBLE! We could be the greatest generation in history.

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