In her bones

As she
turned off
the old lamp
she caught
a glimpse
of her tired eyes
staring back
from the mirror
her life flashes
before her eyes
lifes regrets
fill her heart
her once
strong words
no longer
carry their weight
as she
closes her eyes
for another long
empty night
the final
cold winter
sets deep within
her bones

Secrets of the soul

The smoke bellows out
high above the house
the sins of the night
keep silent within
as the flames
reach their new height
watch the broken glass
as it shatters
to the floor
the memories kept safe
locked away
behind closed doors
close your eyes
you try to escape
hoping to leave
everything this time
but nothing ever changes
you just find new walls
to hide behind
the broken, battered
lies are left to torture
the next

The fire rages
leaving behind the only secrets