Delicate textures

you are the most
constant thought
in my mind

it feels like
the very element
of you
has found 
all the cracks
in my bones
all the secrets 
they keep hidden
deep within

it feels like
your whispers
rush through my skin
and into my veins
all the delicate
textures of my soul


Her last kiss ( A collaboration with “Steven S. Wallace”)

Thank you to my dear friend Steven S. Wallace for collaborating with me. Please head over to his blog and check him out

beneath the moon in the night sky
memories of you flood my mind
taken to that place where I can
kiss you like it was my last wish 

laying on the windshield of my car
the lights of night Los Angeles 
stretching beyond discretion’s edge 
wish of the like of your last kiss

secrets of the past lay on our flesh 
the gentle breeze brings us closer
as the stars fill our empty souls 
you are the wish of my last kiss

LA is just a dream now — we
watched our city burned to ash
the cold desert night has returned
like it was — my kiss — your wish last

Hidden Secrets – A Collaboration

Had the extreme pleasure of writing again with my best friend Christopher. It’s been such an honor to have been able to write so much with him lately.

Please go check out his blog give him some love and follow along on his journey.

you begin
to rake
your aching
the anticipation
working its way
towards my
warm soul
electric heat
reaches inside
of my desire

caressing all the
hidden secrets
of my soul
your love fills me
gliding through
the shadows
of every part

of my being
every inch
every seam
of my deepest flesh
your lingering
Is only now
my lingering question
of when will you
reveal these
hidden secrets
to me
that only you
can see
all over again?