12 years here!

Wow! My own space here for 12 years. 12 incredible years here! Holy fuck! Met some incredible people, including my best friend Christopher. Thank you for your true friendship, it’s been such an honor to even know you. You’re just such a beautiful human and more of what this world needs. Honestly, there are many here who I consider to be great friends and to know them outside of WP has been such a fulfilling thing in my life. I love you guys, I mean that.

I’ve lost a lot here too. Not just in the blog world but in my own, some are just more devastating than others in many ways. I’ve cried too many times, laughed, loved so much, grown up here really. Life has been hard, it’s been wonderful, heartbreaking, incredible, trying and fun, but I’m still here. Writing along. Thanks for being on this journey with me. I hope to be here another 12 with you all.

Thank you all for being on this journey with me. A journey I started a long time ago and hope to continue to share a part of my soul with you all. Much love!

37 thoughts on “12 years here!

  1. Congratulations, My Dear! Wow! What a great accomplishment!!! Kudos!!

    So, How about adding an archive to your blog that goes back to the start so those of us who missed all that skill, talent and magical writing and go back and and share it too?? Please? Pretty Please? Customer Service can walk you though how to do it. It’s easy!!!!

  2. Meeting you is one of the greatest things that has ever taken place in my life. I’m honored that I get the first mention. 🤗 it is a TRUE friendship indeed. It’s as TRUE as TRUE can possibly be.

    How wonderful and incredible that you’ve been here for 12 YEARS. That’s right, 12 YEARS! Cheers to hopefully another 12 YEARS is right! 🥂 I truly love and appreciate you. As we were discussing earlier, I’m so glad you stuck around and didn’t leave. Even though it took 11 years later for me to meet you, I will say what you said, “Better than never.”

    Happy 12th anniversary to YOU, the wonderful and beautiful creative chic! 😘 💕💞❤️

    • Goodness bestie! You always are just so kind and incredible. Yes, better than never! I’m so glad our paths have crossed and I’ve gotten to know you outside of WP. I do love it here, but as we both know, there is so much more to someone than we can experience here. Cheers to another 12 years.

      I hope you’re feeling better by the way. Much love to you!

      • Thank YOU so much bestie! You’re so very kind and sweet! 🥰 Yes! I’m so glad you decided to get to know me outside of WP. I agree. It definitely wouldn’t have been the same had we not gotten to know each other outside of WP like we have. I’m BEYOND grateful for that happening.

        And as you already know, I’m feeling better. I’ve felt better for a week to 2 weeks now. But of course I got back to responding to this comment way later than normal. So I apologize and I’m sorry for the late response to this comment. You’re definitely going to have to kick my ass now. 🤣😏

        I love you so much Sweet bestie! You’re truly a veteran of your craft. And I’m honored to be able to experience getting a behind the scenes look on your writings. And for me to be able to have a first time collaboration with a veteran writer as yourself was such an incredible honor for me. And I hope to continue collaborating with you as long as we’re breathing.

        Keep writing my best friend. You’re so beautiful and incredible! Your words don’t need to stop ever being heard. I SEE YOU! I love you bestie! Always ❤️😍🥰😊🤗💕💖💞

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