Packing away memories

So, as I’m putting away all the Christmas decor today, I’m thinking of you. Thinking of all the memories we made and the love we shared. I wish I could have had you longer in life, but it wasn’t meant to be. I’m sorry you couldn’t stay.

This is the last thing you gave me before you left and it is still one of my favorite things, ever. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since you left because to me it feels like it’s been a lifetime. I hate how things feel so different now without you; nothing will ever be the same. 

Until we met again, I’ll visit you in my dreams and keep you alive in the memories I carry with me. 

though your body
is now free
and your soul
is at rest
I miss you 
and I wish
you were here


16 thoughts on “Packing away memories

  1. Losing a loved one is so hard but the memories keep them alive in our minds. Treasure the memories and the gifts Jennifer. Have a Happy New Year my friend.

  2. Oh, Jenn, I’m so sorry for your loss. They say it takes two years to grieve, although I think it takes an awful lot longer, if not forever, to get over the loss of someone dear to you. This is a beautiful piece of writing and poem and feels like a very fitting tribute to the person you sadly lost.

    I do understand how you feel (although everyone’s experience of grief is different), as it was the sixth anniversary of my Mum’s passing on the 30th of December just gone, and I still miss her terribly. Sending you much love and many healing and comforting hugs. Xxx 💖💐💝

    • Oh, Ellie, thank you so much for your love and hugs. I think the grieving process does take a long time, if not forever in a way.

      I think parts of life can just be so tragic and some things I just can’t seem to understand.

      I’m sorry for your loss too, Ellie. I can only imagine how difficult that is for you, especially around the holidays. Sending you lots of love, today and everyday. 🌹💕❤🥰

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