18 thoughts on “Delicate

      • Thank you saying that. I’m glad you’re back here and we’ve crossed paths this time. This should be a pleasant experience and I hope it continues to be. Surround yourself with the ones who matter the most ❤

      • I really hope it is. Yesterday I received a bizarre comment, and before that a racist one. So, I’ve decided to surround myself with the ones who matter the most. I follow a few blogs I enjoy reading (like yours) and that’s enough methinks. I’m really glad we crossed paths this time dear friend ❤️ Here’s looking forward to a journey of reading and supporting each other’s work.

      • Thank you for saying that ❤️ I’ll admit that I’m very flawed and make mistakes all the time, but I try. I think the comment thing has to do with people reading too much into what I have to say. A lot of my pieces are fictional, and even though I’m writing in first person, the ‘I’ in my poems isn’t always me. But like you said, ugh, people lol

  1. I love this beautiful love poem, Jenn. I particularly like the last few lines, ‘I hope you know that my soul will always search for yours; nothing will keep me from you ever.’ I apologise if I’ve missed a couple of your poems – I’m way behind in blog reading, as always. I need to catch up on Christopher’s recent posts, too. Hope you are well. Xx 🌷💖

    • Thank you so much Ellie! I appreciate your kind and beautiful words ❤

      Please don’t apologize, this will all be here when and if you can. Sending you so much love. I hope you’re okay and having a lovely afternoon so far ❤🌸🌹💕😘

  2. Oh My! I so love this, especially the last half!! Very moving love poem! I love your magical seeds of inspiration!! This one inspired a poem by
    me. Let me know if you want me to send it?

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