an echo
of a song replays
and thoughts of you
through my blood
taking me back
to the warmth
of that August night
silent fingers
intertwined with mine
and your kiss
felt timeless
it was
a brief moment
inside the words
of poetry we shared 
that will forever
be etched
inside my soul

You belong here

*Picture courtesy of myself*

I know at times it may feel like the weight of your world and the burdens you carry will suffocate you. The past and darkness seem to creep in every second of the day at times. I know you may feel lost and broken, unworthy and empty. The nights feel so long and the days feel so endless. We get so caught up in what OTHER’S think that we forget what is most important, which is what WE should be thinking of yourselves. Don’t allow yourself to live under the misconception of what others may think of you. What they think of you is none of your concern and a reflection of who they are, not who YOU truly are.

I know how that all feels. I’ve been there a million times more than I’ve ever wanted to be. You are not alone. 

Trust me when I say, you’re worthy, We’re all worthy. You are deserving of great things, despite what has been ingrained into your mind. Be patient and kind to yourself and know that you’re here in this world, at this moment, in this very second of time for a reason. 

We are truly only a moment in this space, we blink and time seems to move at a speed we just can’t comprehend. Love yourself, put yourself first and I promise the rest will fall into place. Sending you all strength, love, and happiness. 

Bloom into the beautiful flower that you are meant to be!

Hues of blue

her words
beautiful like a rose
in shades of pink
stroke the pages
of his heart
oh so slowly
they touch a part
of him
he keeps hidden
behind a mask
her words
sweet like a dream
in hues of blue
they feel alive
inside his soul
like a summers breeze
upon the darkness
of the night
her words
all his layers
and still choosing
to love him
of what the world says