Be seen

When are we as individuals going to find the courage within, to stand up, to show up and BE SEEN?

Society has so much control over how we should look, what we should eat, how to dress, how to act and the list goes on. We don’t realize how much we let that influence our life, our thoughts and our actions. It’s time we are free from all the expectations in this world and just be ourselves. The true depths of our being. Let the world see YOU. Not just the surface of what society says you should be.

“Let the world fall in love with YOU. Not some fake version just to please others.
– The Creative Chic –


12 thoughts on “Be seen

  1. Absolutely yes. This is 100% truth. The world presents the way you should, and tries to play on what you should look like, that it is easy to loose who you are. Stand out and be seen how and who you wish to be. That is when someone is the true beauty. Amazing photo!

  2. “Let the world fall in love with YOU. Not some fake version just to please others.”

    From the opening line to the ending quote of this was fantastic! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Thank you for sharing this! The world desperately needs to hear this. You’re an absolutely beautiful and incredible human being.

  3. Indeed! It’s often hard to do, and scary for sure. It requires us to be vulnerable to what some people might say or think. But there’s nothing more beautiful than a person being their true, genuine self. It’s often a rare thing these days and I miss that.

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