Poison – A Collaboration

Thank you to my best friend Christopher for collaborating with me once again. Poison has been waiting to be released for a few months now and the wait is finally over! These collaborations for me have been the highest compliment as a writer. I can’t thank you enough Christopher for allowing me to be a part of this. I hope we get another chance to write together again soon! Much love to you! Please head over to his page and check out his incredible writing Christopher’s Blog 

I stare at
these old memories
packed away inside
broken picture frames
all the years
of feeling unloved
flood my veins
chronic hate
fills these eyes
and I grow cold as ice
each time
I stare intently inside
at the pain of yesterday
it somehow always
states the case
where I’m the one
to blame
nothing will ever
feel the same
until I drive out this hate
and cast this poison away



with every second 
that passes
I wish I could hear
the sound of your breath
as you whisper 
your love to me
and feel your voice
laying gently upon
the layers of my skin
I wish you knew how deeply 
you are etched 
into my bones
and that every poem 
that flows from my fingers 
will find a way to you
in every single lifetime 
this universe holds