17 thoughts on “To be with you

  1. Wow, another gem, My Dear! Your words reach deeply and melt me! And as I finish reading it’s with an “Mmmmm”! And I take a breath and reread it again. Bellissimo, Bellissimo!! 😊😘💕💕🌹

    • Another wonderful comment dear friend! Thank you so much, I know I say that a lot but thank you for your love and support for my blog. It means a lot to me! Sending you lots of love from the Sunshine State! 💕🌹

      • Always happy to share with you how much your poems/words mean to me. You deserve to know the impact you have. Thanks so much for your love from the Sunshine State. That’s exactly what I’m needing to help weather here and when my Muse takes “breaks”!!! Have a great day, My Dear!! 😊💖💕🎁🌹

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