15 thoughts on “Masterpiece

  1. With you, I’m in my mind,
    Without you I am out it,
    A normal life need not apply,
    How about we go around it?
    I don’t want to fight with you,
    And you don’t want to fight with me,
    I am your pipe-dream,
    Living happily,
    We could be two dancing freaks.

  2. New generation don’t appreciate the old fashion way of love. Dancing, kissing and slowly unwrapping the clothing, allowing skin to find skin. To make the other person hold a memory. We cannot forget. A amazing poem dear poet.

  3. Wow!!…… who would not want that memory?! Your words are so refreshing and so invigorating, you awaken deep thoughts with your poetry!

      • Yes, doing well and happy my Muse seems to have returned for sporadic visits. Ha! Oh, Thank you so much the love and warmth from the Sunshine state – I need it here with a.m. temps in the low 30’s. Your words in this poem really seems grab me.
        Awesome post, My Dear!! 😊💕🌹

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