The pages between

You’re a book

I’ve never seen

I want to

read your truth

line by line

as your soul

bleeds upon

all the pages

in between

At first glance

His fingers

ever so slowly

dance across my skin

tracing away

all my insecurities

warm gentle lips

kiss away

the haunting pain

that is buried

deep beneath my skin

at first glance

does he know

who I really am

or the weight

of my existence

his words

sweet like candy

I taste

in the deepest

most fragile parts of me

the warmth

like liquid

escapes me

filling my very soul


and satisfying

The Writer

To write
I bleed,
a story must be told.
My truth escapes,
the bitter sweet taste
consumes each line.
The writer within
lives upon these pages.
I listen,
as you whisper my name
the very breath of you
fills my naked soul,
stirring something in my core.
Alive I am once more.
I listen in silence
to the secrets within.
To write
I bleed,
and yet another story begins.

In the dreams that made me

The taste of summer
finally settles in,
all the pages have been turned
another chapter begins.
Warm showers
soak me down to my core
cleansing my soul
of all that was.
The pain of the years
being washed away.
No longer am I a prisoner.
I find hope
in the sun that warms me
and the winds
that wrap me up and keep me.
In the dreams that made me
a new day begins,
and I find comfort
in who I finally am.


As the sunlight
catches your face
the beauty
and all it brings
surround you,
close your eyes
and soak up the rays.

Dreams dancing
upon the day,
a million little kisses
I’ll send your way,
don’t close your eyes
don’t let it slip away.

Oh how I wish
that you were here
to tare down
these walls of mine,
to take me in your arms
of what you’ll find,
beneath this surface of mine.

As night falls
another picture is painted
once of black and white,
my canvas
now filled with color
no longer a mask I wear.

Oh how I wish
that you were here,
stay right here
don’t ever go away.

And when the gentle winds
softly caress my soul,
I feel you there.
In moments
when I feel that I am alone,
when I feel lost,
between the here and there
there you are,
with me all along.

Confessions of a writer

As the clock strikes 2
the forbidden hour takes control.
The heat begins to consume them
body, mind and soul.
Her short black skirt
and red painted lips
lay before him,
ready for what awaits.
The taste of sin
fill their hungry mouths.
Craving more.
Her nails mark his back
claiming him as hers.
Her lover.
He satisfies her every desire
hour after hour
he fills her
claiming her as his.
His lover.
The scent of pleasure fills the room,
long after the sun rises.
As the last bit of sweetness has been tasted,
the confessions of a writer still linger.

Within myself, I find you

In the still of the silence
I can hear you
the soft whispers of your voice
calling out to me.

In the warmth of the sun
I can feel you
like a summers breeze
your touch gently caressing me.

In a drop of rain
I can feel your kiss
with each one that falls
so sweet upon me.

In my heart
I can feel your soul
I see beneath your surface.
With every single beat
you surround me.