Poison – A Collaboration

Thank you to my best friend Christopher for collaborating with me once again. Poison has been waiting to be released for a few months now and the wait is finally over! These collaborations for me have been the highest compliment as a writer. I can’t thank you enough Christopher for allowing me to be a part of this. I hope we get another chance to write together again soon! Much love to you! Please head over to his page and check out his incredible writing Christopher’s Blog 

I stare at
these old memories
packed away inside
broken picture frames
all the years
of feeling unloved
flood my veins
chronic hate
fills these eyes
and I grow cold as ice
each time
I stare intently inside
at the pain of yesterday
it somehow always
states the case
where I’m the one
to blame
nothing will ever
feel the same
until I drive out this hate
and cast this poison away

13 thoughts on “Poison – A Collaboration

  1. Well what can I say, there is only one suitable thing that this situation calls for. That’s right, here’s a rose just for you bestie. 🌹

    I really appreciate you saying that. It’s more than an honor for someone of your experience and talent as a writer to give that kind of complement to me. You think on such a deeper level than I do. And so without you as the foundation, then these wouldn’t even happen. So I know you thanked me, and you’re BEYOND welcome of course. But, THANK YOU! Thank you for your patience during the process of this one. And for even giving me a chance to be apart of your writings in the first place.

    You’ve been a HUGE inspiration as my writing has grown over time. And what I hope everyone continues to find about you, is that you’re an amazing friend and one of the most beautiful human beings I’ve ever known. I can vouch for anyone here how kind, loving, and supportive you are. If they ever need someone to talk to, I know they would be totally safe with you. So cheers to this incredible writing and friendship! πŸ₯‚

  2. Great work! Your words mesh so well together and the ending is really powerful. We must find ways to cast out the poison (either given to us or ingested of our own free will) in order to become the next version of ourselves. We have to find a way through it.

    • Thank you so much Bridgette! I agree with you, we MUST find a way to cast out the poison, and with gorgeous souls like yours, we will make it through it. TOGETHER! Keep being your beautiful self, this world needs more people like you,

    • As usual, I’ve come by late to the party here lol. But I’m here to thank you for your kind words Bridgette! This one sat on the shelf for months, and finally I got my act together with telling her I was finally ready for it come out. Oh and by the way, you’re so right! We have to, we can, and WE WILL find a way through it! We will tell that poison, BYE! BYE! SEE YA LATER!

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