17 thoughts on “Chasing Daydreams

  1. This is just beautiful, Jenn. It’s one of my favourites so far, although all your works and poems are so delightful. I hope you are well, my friend. Sorry for my absence from your blog lately; I’ve been in London attending protests, trying to tell our government that they need to take action against the climate emergency. So far, they have been ignoring our pleas and the pleas of scientists. We won’t give up, though. Xx💚

    • Hey Ellie! First, please don’t be sorry, my blog will be here (hopefully anyway) It seems you have been busy, please be safe out there as you protest, hopefully the government will listen and take action! Second, thank you so much for your kind words on my work, I truly appreciate you. I hope you know that your kindness means a lot to me. Take care sweet Ellie, see you again soon. xx 🥰❤️

  2. I see that this one is a hit. Splendid work my sweet bestie! You’re one of the most beautiful souls in the world. Don’t forget that! ❤️🌹

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