Beautiful Daisy

she dances so slowly 
in a field of daisies 
her pretty dress
the color of spring
she’s letting go 
of the burdens she carries
upon a summer breeze
not knowing how lovely
she truly was
she was so beautiful 
you could see her
in every piece of art
that catches your eye
every song that you love 
and every poem
that you write


20 thoughts on “Beautiful Daisy

  1. The essence and petals connected to her spirit; dancing softly amongst the gusts of winds flowing freely around her.

    Her eyes shut tightly as she pranced about, allowing the burdens within leak out her and feed the relentless element surrounding, depriving her lungs of life.

    A brush upon her forearm from the flower. Igniting a rush of emotion through her being. A reminder that you will be seen, you will be felt, you will be….loved.

    Thank you for the inspiration.😁

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