an echo
of a song replays
and thoughts of you
through my blood
taking me back
to the warmth
of that August night
silent fingers
intertwined with mine
and your kiss
felt timeless
it was
a brief moment
inside the words
of poetry we shared 
that will forever
be etched
inside my soul

10 thoughts on “Timeless

  1. This is such a beautiful poem, Jenn. Full of romance and sensitivity. I like your new typeface, too, by the way. Hope you’re having a good day. It’s 6 pm here, but I don’t know what the time difference is between us. Xx 🥰🌼🌹💕

    • Thank you Ellie! I wasn’t sure about the typeface, but so glad you liked it and even noticed it! Though a bit under the weather, my day has been mostly resting. So, you are 5 hours ahead of me, it’s just after 1pm here. I hope you have an enjoyable evening, it’s so lovely to see you again. xx 🌼🌹💕

  2. Wow! My Dear, You never cease to amaze me with the magical words that you write that transverse time and space and reach out and touch my heart so that I can feel them in my heart and soul too! Mystical powers have you, Sweet Poet!!! I love the way you overload your verses with such powerful inspirations in tiny word seeds left to sprout in us.
    Bellissimo, My Dear, Bellissimo!!!
    Chuck 😊💖💕🌹

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