Through space and time

time finds me
floating through
the echos 
of that summer night
there you are
with stardust
in your eyes
and poetry seeping
from your fingertips
the words flow
one by one
speaking a language
of the universe
the one
only I can hear

and my soul
is stitched 
to the silent abyss
of this space
where I will
wait for you


She is perfect

she is beautiful
unlike anything
you’ve ever known
and makes you feel
like everything

a gentle breeze
upon your lips
the warmth of summer
kissing your skin
the sweet sound 
of her music
floating through you
and resting 
upon your bones
and her love
her love
is so beautiful
that it fills 
all the spaces
between your soul

and you know
in that moment
that she is just perfect
even in all her