Her last kiss ( A collaboration with “Steven S. Wallace”)

Thank you to my dear friend Steven S. Wallace for collaborating with me. Please head over to his blog and check him out


beneath the moon in the night sky
memories of you flood my mind
taken to that place where I can
kiss you like it was my last wish 

laying on the windshield of my car
the lights of night Los Angeles 
stretching beyond discretion’s edge 
wish of the like of your last kiss

secrets of the past lay on our flesh 
the gentle breeze brings us closer
as the stars fill our empty souls 
you are the wish of my last kiss

LA is just a dream now — we
watched our city burned to ash
the cold desert night has returned
like it was — my kiss — your wish last


Lover’s Gravity – A Collaboration

Thank you to my best friend Christopher for collaborating with me again! You truly are such a great writer and artist. Please go check out his blog, show him some love and follow along on his amazing journey.


he found her
in the middle of
an empty hour
both in silence
she spoke a language
only he understood
weaving the words
unconditional love
with each soft stroke
inside of his
anxious mind
like lover’s gravity
she seduces him
down towards
the perfect stability
that his lonely soul
has been forever seeking
as her loving frequency
sings him softly to sleep