Poetry is everywhere

it’s in the way
my eyes
fall in love
with yours
each time
I see you
it’s the curve
of my smile
when I think
of you
it’s the touch
of my fingers
gently upon
your beautiful soul
it’s tucked away
in every star
for us
to wish upon
and in our dreams
that we hang
upon the moon
and read
to each other
as we drift away
with each
of the clock


The Abyss – A Collaboration

Thank you again Christopher for this incredible opportunity to write with you again. Looking forward to part 2! Please follow his blog at https://divingdeepwithchristopher.wordpress.com

she sits
in the darkness
of the night
inside the obscurity
of her cold mind
beneath the cold surface
where her screams
are silent
where her dreams
are the inner voice
of violence
here there is no help
to fight the demons
who torture her
tormented soul
in the abyss
frozen in the
paralysis of fear
she weeps
a thousand tears
that no one can
wishing to faintly
from hearing these
twisted words they
as they replay
her tragic past
whispering the madness
into her ears
reminding her of
the unspoken tragedy
these diabolical
locked tight inside
the confines
of her heart
longing to be forsaken
from this prison
but never meant
to escape
or so they say
to shine outside
into the
beaming light