Coffee and dreams

as our world
is fast asleep
in the quietness
of this place
we find ourselves
gently floating
through seconds
coffee and dreams
fill this space
that we share
a breath
of silence
falls upon us
and the day
finally awakens
though our time
here upon
this moment
doesn’t last
the love within
always will

Only sometimes

the words flow
like liquid
through my veins
empty like
this vast world
without love
bright as the sun
upon my skin
dark and edgy
like the nights secret
but always
the truth
that lives
in the deepest
part of my fibers

Behind glass doors

her eyes struggle
to open
as the sun
peeks though
the broken windows
memories haunt her
to her core
but the scars
she still wears
behind glass doors
this little girl
still trapped between
these paper walls
where her secrets
still live