they caress

the battered chords

that make up

my being

slowly strumming

my every curve

every dotted line

they drip like liquid

down into

the deepest part

of me

your words


like raindrops

and fill

my once empty soul

As she dreams

She lay
beneath the night
the world
at the very edge
of existence
the earth
soaks into
her soul
as she falls
completely in love
with the stars
picking them
one by one
from the sky
tucking them away
inside her heart
for the nights
that darkness
consumes her.

I love you too

you slip quietly
through my dreams
not even a single touch
knowing I need it so much
it almost hurts
you linger in my thoughts
long after you’re gone
the words you softly whispered
find their way to my heart

I love you ….

My journals soul


these pages

are my truth


my journals soul

I share

my secrets

that no one

else knows

my naked scars


for all the see

stripped down

and bare

I bleed until

my very last word

The old lamp

As she

turned off

the old lamp

she caught

a glimpse

of her tired eyes

staring back

from the mirror

her life flashes

before her eyes

lifes regrets

fill her heart

her once

strong words

no longer

carry their weight

as she

closes her eyes

for another long

empty night

the final

cold winter

sets deep within

her bones


the lies
from your
imperfect mouth
they stumble
and crumble
falling all the way
leaving a trail
of broken words
to lay on
the ground
for another
to fall upon

But not me
I no longer
take that path
I’ve chosen
another way