the lies
from your
imperfect mouth
they stumble
and crumble
falling all the way
leaving a trail
of broken words
to lay on
the ground
for another
to fall upon

But not me
I no longer
take that path
I’ve chosen
another way

Innocent Eyes

the night
burdens us all
forgiveness soon fades
leaving us trapped
in darkness
cries of the heart
can be heard
in a room filled
with silence
no longer afraid
as I’ve seen
a lifetime of hate
masked by sweet lies
I pray for rain
to cleanse my broken soul
oh God let it rain
the tears they fall
one by one
from the sky
no words are needed
the story
has already been told
written by these once
innocent eyes


Secrets of the soul

The smoke bellows out
high above the house
the sins of the night
keep silent within
as the flames
reach their new height
watch the broken glass
as it shatters
to the floor
the memories kept safe
locked away
behind closed doors
close your eyes
you try to escape
hoping to leave
everything this time
but nothing ever changes
you just find new walls
to hide behind
the broken, battered
lies are left to torture
the next

The fire rages
leaving behind the only secrets

Secrets of the soul


These battered walls
they don’t talk
after all they’ve seen
deaf ears and blind eyes
they’ve tried not to know
but there is no escape
they breathe to forget
the innocence of the past
comes back to haunt
the unspoken words
seep into the cracks
hiding from the truth
doesn’t come easily
until red stains
this tortured place
and only then
does the innocence
begin to fall

but the truth
remains the same
behind these battered walls

3rd House on the left

She’s seen this house before
at least a hundred times
but only mostly in dreams
quietness falls
on a hot summer day
the breeze flowing freely
almost as if no one was home
the world never knew
the pain and silence
that she once had to go through
behind these battered walls
she builds her very own
the scars sometimes heal
but only sometimes
the innocent whispers can still be heard
even long after she’s gone
and the tears won’t ever fade
walking away, never forgetting
and never going back
to the 3rd house on the left