As she dreams

She lay
beneath the night
the world
at the very edge
of existence
the earth
soaks into
her soul
as she falls
completely in love
with the stars
picking them
one by one
from the sky
tucking them away
inside her heart
for the nights
that darkness
consumes her.

My journals soul


these pages

are my truth


my journals soul

I share

my secrets

that no one

else knows

my naked scars


for all the see

stripped down

and bare

I bleed until

my very last word


the lies
from your
imperfect mouth
they stumble
and crumble
falling all the way
leaving a trail
of broken words
to lay on
the ground
for another
to fall upon

But not me
I no longer
take that path
I’ve chosen
another way


I lie in bed
at night
listening to the quietness
that surrounds me
the world
doesn’t seem to move
and the clock
doesn’t seem to tick
not tonight
my soul
drips slowly
through my fingers
falling down gently
like a summers rain
caressing my skin
the sweet scent
filling my entire body
the darkness
carry’s me
into my dreams
and they take me
ever so gently
and ever so sweetly


A million little diamonds
sparkle in the nights sky
lying here beneath them
with you by my side
we dream a thousand dreams
before we even close our eyes
beneath our starlit sky
we’ll dream a thousand more
before the twinkle fades
close our eyes
and make a wish
upon our shooting star
and just for tonight
we really aren’t that far
hush now my love
for a million ones
shine just for us

The Stranger

The smile fades
as he walks through the door
a stranger he is
someone she doesn’t know anymore

she lives her life
so different than his own
always together
but living a world alone

words of anger
they filter through the room
hurting like a knife
lingering around in gloom

the walls close in
with every breath she takes
suffocating her more
with every move she makes

The smile fades
as he walks through the door
a stranger he is
someone she doesn’t know anymore