Fulfilling your destiny

There are moments in your mind

When you feel stuck

stuck with where you are in life

stuck with who you are in life.

Moments when you feel defeated

when you feel not good enough

not strong enough.

Moments when you feel scared

allowing the past control you

letting the future worry you.

Moments when you feel ashamed

of where you’ve been

and what you’ve been through.


One day it clicks

you realize that being stuck

is only something temporary.

That you are enough for you alone

and no one else.

You realize that the past, is the past

it doesn’t define who you are.

That right now, in this moment

is your time to fulfill your destiny.

10 thoughts on “Fulfilling your destiny

  1. We are stuck as long as we allow ourselves to be. And you are right, once we realize that we can move, everything changes. Excellent!!

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