Head rush and I’ll walk to the bar
Keys left for another just lose the car
Hardly can I hear
This music on my mind will scar

I try looking from the inside out
but everything is so damn blurred
not even the drunken voices
that are screaming inside can be heard

still on a mission that nobody gave me
shot glass in hand just don’t call me baby
don’t remember my name
but think it’s you that can save me

I hear the whispers that call into the night
freeing the locked up pain, held well beyond
these deep dark eyes
you save me from this shitty place
you save me from my own blurred face

* A collab by The Creative Chic & davrberts *

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The flowers fall from the old tree
on this cold December day
one by one
I watch them fall
the past is right before my eyes
like an old movie
that replays over and over again
slowly in my mind
every detail relived
battered and bruised
it leaves me broken
a cold chill runs down my spine
leaving me breathless
the hours in the day
too long to count
as the seconds tick by
I feel every painful one
as they come and go
I close my eyes
before the tears come
and pray
that winter doesn’t last long

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I stare upon blank pages
struggling to find the words
that fill the surface
so quietly
they linger
dancing like raindrops
inside my head
stripped down
I close my eyes
and catch my breath
listening to the melody within
nothing else matters
but here
and now
stripped down
to my soul
stripped down
to myself

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This is #truth

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” — Steven Furtick One of the sad truths of today is that technology consumes us. It’s not just about the time, but how we use that time. Social media, for instance, provides us with both an escape and […]

via Real life vs. Social Media — Cristian Mihai

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