In the dreams that made me

The taste of summer
finally settles in,
all the pages have been turned
another chapter begins.
Warm showers
soak me down to my core
cleansing my soul
of all that was.
The pain of the years
being washed away.
No longer am I a prisoner.
I find hope
in the sun that warms me
and the winds
that wrap me up and keep me.
In the dreams that made me
a new day begins,
and I find comfort
in who I finally am.


As the night whispers,
hushed words
fall into the silence.
My name slips quietly
from your lips.
Wishes are carried
a world away
to fill you
while you sleep,
while you dream.
The stars,
they hold our secrets
the ones that strip you
down to your very core,
sometimes confining you
within yourself.
The stars,
they hold our truth
they hold the world
for me and you.

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