As the sunlight
catches your face
the beauty
and all it brings
surround you,
close your eyes
and soak up the rays.

Dreams dancing
upon the day,
a million little kisses
I’ll send your way,
don’t close your eyes
don’t let it slip away.

Oh how I wish
that you were here
to tare down
these walls of mine,
to take me in your arms
of what you’ll find,
beneath this surface of mine.

As night falls
another picture is painted
once of black and white,
my canvas
now filled with color
no longer a mask I wear.

Oh how I wish
that you were here,
stay right here
don’t ever go away.

Because of you

I lie awake
in the darkness of the night,
the lonely hours
pass so slowly by.
Silence fills the room
a million feelings flood me,
all at once I am consumed.
Broken I once was
a heart filled with emptiness,
my body filled with pain.
Until you,
you saved me
breathing new life into my soul.
A song only I knew the words to.
You fill me
completing my existence.
No longer alone
in the darkness of the night,
no longer afraid,
no longer lost
because of you.
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My 3rd year here!

WordPress just informed me that it’s my 3rd year anniversary here with my blog!  Wow time sure does fly by when you’re writing!

Thanks for all the support!

❤ much love

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And when the gentle winds
softly caress my soul,
I feel you there.
In moments
when I feel that I am alone,
when I feel lost,
between the here and there
there you are,
with me all along.