May showers

Sweet rain drops
fall gently
upon the rooftop.
The memories of you
flood me all at once.
Long summer days
endless moonlit nights,
an oceans dream
lapping at my feet.
I find comfort
in these May showers
for I know you’re there,
seeping into my soul
with every drop that falls.
Good night my sweet love
for when I wake
I’ll find you again
in the sunshine of a new day.

Blank pages

Blank pages surround me
hundreds scattered all around,
a thousand words
need to be spoken
but all are left unsaid.
Listen to me
Shhh listen closely
to the beating of my heart
inside my own silence
is the only path to my soul.
Darkness falls upon me
as I stare into the night
the ticking of the clock
is all I can hear now,
and the blank pages
is still all I can see.

Carousal Heart

I find you
within these walls
safe inside
my ever beating heart.
With each second
that passes by
I fall in love with you
all over again.
I close my eyes
and lose myself
in this magical moment
this feeling that consumes
my ever faithful soul.
Hearts beating
one by one
even an ocean apart,
forever I will keep you
forever you will stay
here in my carousal heart.


I take a moment,
close my eyes
and catch my breath,
soaking up
every single second
that fills my soul.
I can’t let it all pass me by.
The dreams of last night
still dance inside my head,
gentle kisses
still linger upon my lips,
filling me with sweet memories.
I smile,
knowing all I have found, within you.
These moments,
make me fall in love all over again
with you
with me
with us.
I lie here,
for hours and hours
not wanting to wake,
not now, not from this dream.
Shh, close your eyes too
and just stay
right here
right now
with me.