And the secrets
within these walls
haunt me
kissing my soul
tasting the pain inside
etched in broken glass
these bitter sweet dreams
taunt me
the nights whisper is heard
begging to be let in
away from the dreaded world
and I close my eyes
and listen
silence fills me
and steals my breath
the clock never strikes
the same number twice
but the seconds that pass
are all the same
Here I find my truth
and I close my eyes
and listen

Getting out there

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Autumn seems to be upon us now, the leaves are falling and there is a definite chill in the air (this along with adverts to buy sofas in time for Christmas on TV must mean it’s autumn). It’s also a great time to get out with the camera and shoot nature photography, the countryside does take on a magical appearance and a beauty unlike any other time of the year.

So I went out with camera in hand, but, looking for a different angle on the usual type of photography that comes this season.  This is what I love about photography, whatever your location, subject or scenery there is always a shot waiting to be taken, it won’t always be obvious but it will always be there.




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When my eyes close

In the quiet of the night
I listen with eyes closed
for the last whisper
of the day
dreams are heard
within the beating
of my heart
the painful memories
leaving puddles
on my pillow
bedroom walls
close in on me
their secrets so dark
they lie once more
once painted white
as I close the door
all I see is red

Beautiful Dreams

I lay here quietly
completely still in this very moment
the taste of sweet freedom
finally upon my tongue
bare soul to the world
to you, to me
and I dream
no more black and white
I dream only in color
I no longer fall apart
shattering into a million tiny pieces
forgiveness finds me
like a paper cut
some wounds just never heal
until again
I sleep
and I dream

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The lingering of my soul
drips like rain
escaping from the sky
the tears
make puddles at my feet
my memories are given
but mostly in secret
the beating of my heart
pounds loudly in my ears
I close my eyes and sleep
just so I can breathe
to dream
just so I can see
and to live
just so I can believe.

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