let me dream a little dream
just for tonight, a melody
one that fills my soul
like waves dancing upon the shore
a craving that demands more
losing myself here
and somewhere in between
between the darkness
and the unknown
shhh don’t wake me
let me dream
of the silence in my screams
for tonight
nothing is as it seems

Love is us

Love is patient and kind.
Love doesn’t know any limits.
It’s raw and emotional at times.
Love is strength, it’s faith, courage and hope.
It’s giving more than you think you can at times.
Love is the beautiful sun that warms our naked bodies.
It’s the storms that come crashing down at night, washing away the pain that we keep locked inside ourselves.
Love is knowing that forever is never long enough.
It is the beautiful love we make, when our souls become one and the night never ends.
It’s protecting each other.
Never giving up on one another.

Love is us

All that I am

Here I stand
before you now
all that I will never be
is long gone
all that I am
is no longer hidden
I give you
my dreams
share with you
my fears
I bleed the scars
that will never heal
for you I do
you see it all
my soul sings a song
that only you
know the words to
only you