With time on my hands

Looking through the stained window
the dark colored sky
fills another ordinary day
the thoughts they come
one by one
dripping like liquid
to earlier
sweet gentle kisses
that caress my body
fingers dancing upon silky skin
hot breath in forbidden places
the taste of sin on my tongue
I become one with you
in our moment of passion
electricity exploding inside
wave after wave
it washes over us both
again and again

with time on my hands
I sit and smile
letting my thoughts
fill yet another ordinary day.

In her shadow

With her ink stained fingers
the story begins to be told
trapped in this room
the smoke lingers
a taunting soul
begins to unfold
pale white skin
her smile fades
with every tick of the clock
she become lost within
a girl so broken
pleading for the night to end
to end the torture of the day
stolen breath escapes
as the salt stained tears
fill her empty throat
darkness consumes her
it’s all she has now
it’s all that’s left



In this moment
I will find happiness
within myself
I will not allow myself
to think any less
than what I truly am
In this moment
I will become my own being
I will not let society
define who I am
or control how I think
In this moment
I will smile longer
love a little more
laugh a little louder
and forgive without regrets
In this moment
I will find happiness
within myself.