The flowers fall from the old tree
on this cold December day
one by one
I watch them fall
the past is right before my eyes
like an old movie
that replays over and over again
slowly in my mind
every detail relived
battered and bruised
it leaves me broken
a cold chill runs down my spine
leaving me breathless
the hours in the day
too long to count
as the seconds tick by
I feel every painful one
as they come and go
I close my eyes
before the tears come
and pray
that winter doesn’t last long

Once upon an oceans dream

Midnight strikes
its lonely hour
tick tick
oh so slowly
tock tock
the only sound
that makes my world
completely stop
Shhh listen
the nights story
begins to be told
page by page
it begins to unfold
releasing the sins
of your bruised soul
Shhh I’m here
minute to hour
and every second in between
the waves they crash
washing over me
I close my eyes to see
once upon an oceans dream

Only you

falling so easily
into your warm embrace
where I am at home
my only sacred place
the touch of your fingertips
caressing me oh so slowly
making love to my skin
a flood of passion
washes over me
through the very core of my being
consuming my every emotion
again and again
I taste your kiss
through my dreams
a place where I find you

Only You

Rose garden

sweet petals of a rose
are like an angels kiss
soft and delicate
they kiss my naked soul
stripped bare for you to see
I feel the whispers of the wind
and for now I am free
I can taste the sweet scent
dancing upon my tongue
the fire inside burning
so hot and passionate
another kiss
and for now I am free
I bathe in the sunlight
rays of warmth caressing my skin
in this Rose garden I dream
of only a place I’ve never been
I dream of you and us
and finally I am free

Under cornflower skies

The house on the hill
that’s been vacant for years
the secret that it keeps
can only be found through my tears

still trapped inside
the walls they hide the pain
keeping me safe and secure
on the edge of insane

Room stained red
it bleeds my filthy sins
slow breath escapes me
dragging me back down again

The house on the hill
hides all of my lies
given the look of comfort
under corn flower skies

As darkness falls

A blanket of darkness
falls quietly upon this room
like a mask
it hides our broken souls
forbidden sins
become our only truths
there is no turning back
not now
not ever
the lies they hang
from our lips
a constant reminder
of who we were
sweet breath
tries to escape
no words can be spoken
not now
not ever

Sweet kisses

I want to kiss you
every minute
every hour
of every day
until the night falls
and the early morning settles in
and when the sun rises
to start another day
I’ll leave sweet kisses
upon your lips
every minute
every hour
of every day

Hush … now

Don’t breathe a word
hush now
my love
let the bitter night
carry you to my dreams
A hundred beats per minute
mine seems to beat with time
A second for every tick
the lingering fate
of a lonely hearts crime
hush now
my sweet love
your secret is kept
deep within my walls
oh so safe
and when you softly
whisper my name
you’ll find my secret
is just the same

Forever and a day

the sun
shines down upon me
and once again
I am complete and free
finally letting go
of all that was
and wrapping myself up
in all that will be
my soul I bare
for only you to see
late night confessions
I share
but only after the world
is fast asleep
you know me better
than I sometimes know myself
simple hushed words
call out to me and say
take a breath – I’m here
forever and a day

As I dream

I can taste
your skin
as my tongue
traces across my lips
the warm liquid of us
drips so slowly down
I savor
the sweet flavor
that explodes like fireworks
inside my mouth
the scent
of red wine and lust
fill the air
and all the memories
flood my mind
all at once
as the highest peaks are reached
again and again
as I dream