the dark clouds
they linger
once the clock
strikes midnight
taking hold
of your once
pure soul
you try to escape
feeling its power
take complete control
you smile
the feeling so comforting
caressing so gently
your every thought
kissing so sweetly
your innocent scars
screams so loud
but no one to hear
alone and empty
the feeling soon fades
another sleepless night
greeted by
another dreadful day


I paint
my love for you
all the colors
of my soul
my passion
stains these sacred walls
telling all my stories untold
my secrets lay bare
and one by one unfold
I paint for you
the pictures
that my words
can’t seem to do
upon this canvas
is my only truth
the only truth
I paint
just for you


The colors
of the night
wash over me
one by one
each color
stains this lonely bed
buried lies surface
but the voices
only trapped
in my head
each dreadful word
drowns in the darkest
of blue
one by one
the words
that no one knew