Kiss me

and when I wake
in the middle of the night
I still smell
the scent of you
on my skin
I still taste
the flavor of you
on my tongue
your touch
still caressing me
oh so slowly
by lust
by desire
I feel it burning
deep inside
hot raging fire
kiss me
oh so slowly
kiss me
until I am drunk
oh so slowly
kiss me

Tonight … tomorrow … forever

sweet moments
that find us
wrapped in each others arms
tucked away
from this constant world
where only we belong
sweet moments
when the hearts true word
can be felt
with unspoken words
can be seen
with closed eyes
moments like this
make me stop
and catch my very breath
for I know
that I could love no other
the way
I love you … ever

Tonight … tomorrow … forever

Dream Lover

I lie awake in bed
as the morning sun
kisses my naked body
thoughts of last night
still dancing
in my head
the scent of you
still lingers
upon my bed
your taste
still upon my lips
and your touch
still upon my skin
a smile
washes across
my face
when I close
my eyes tonight
I’ll be with you again
my dream lover