You & I

I still taste
your innocent kiss
upon my lips
when I close my eyes
I’m taken to that place
for you and I
the whispered words
shared between
your heart and mine
still find a way
to stop
the hands of time
for you and I
the feel
of your fingers
that touch
my very soul
still lingers
long into the night
and once again
I am taken to that place
for only you and I


I lie here
in sweet silence
as time
slips slowly by
seconds don’t seem
to last
the minutes
move too fast
and the hours
only lead me
back to my past
trying to forget
as the sounds of September
fall quietly
upon the window
this moment
here with you
is what I’ll remember


bathed in your love
it touches
the very core
of my soul
like a summers breeze
as the angels sing
and the flowers bloom
the distance
is only a finger tip away
is you and I
under the same sky
on the same stars
that we really
aren’t that far.