These battered walls
they don’t talk
after all they’ve seen
deaf ears and blind eyes
they’ve tried not to know
but there is no escape
they breathe to forget
the innocence of the past
comes back to haunt
the unspoken words
seep into the cracks
hiding from the truth
doesn’t come easily
until red stains
this tortured place
and only then
does the innocence
begin to fall

but the truth
remains the same
behind these battered walls

Our memories

begins to fall
the memories
we make
they no longer fade
the memories
we keep
will no longer leave
stored in such safe places
within our own
confined walls
where no one
can steal them away
where no one
can even escape
the air
is thick with regret
those unspoken words
are finally said
let the darkness fall
and the memories
begin again


I lie in bed
at night
listening to the quietness
that surrounds me
the world
doesn’t seem to move
and the clock
doesn’t seem to tick
not tonight
my soul
drips slowly
through my fingers
falling down gently
like a summers rain
caressing my skin
the sweet scent
filling my entire body
the darkness
carry’s me
into my dreams
and they take me
ever so gently
and ever so sweetly