the gentle breeze
kisses my lips
so softly
leaving the taste
of candy
in my mouth
so sweet
the taste
that lingers
on my tongue
tender fingers
drag down so slowly
on my flesh
exploring my every inch
my breath
leaving me

Tempted (2)

the dark room
the walls
begin to close
red stained lips
are the nights
only fear
the eyes
only leave you
to wonder
the soul
only leaves you

The pain of thoughts

intense thoughts
rush through me
like fire
filling every part
of my soul
bright red
drips the pain
that slowly bleeds
from only
the deepest parts
of me
hollow is what is left
of what you can’t even see
what I keep hidden
from even myself
dangerously alone
insanely confused
I am no longer free
I’m not longer

Only mine

when I’m feeling
so lost and alone
I climb inside
the very depths
of you
my safest place
away from the world
a place where only
you understand me
I can taste
the love
that drips so slowly
from your very soul
so slowly
it consumes
the very air
that I breathe
every part of me
so sweet it is
so devine
a taste so pure
a taste that’s
only mine

Vision of love

It must be how you see me
in so many ways
when I can’t even find one
the way your eyes sparkle
when we’re together
like nothing else matters
sometimes, it’s the way the sun
shines down on you
watching the smile
dance across your face
not knowing which is brighter
the way no words
could ever express
exactly what your heart feels
for me.
it’s the beautiful way
the ocean meets the shore
both needing one another
one can’t live without the other
the way you touch my hand
when I am feeling so lost
and the way you hold me close
when my heart needs to cry
even across this big ocean
this love I know is true
and no matter what happens
in this crazy, lonely world
there will only be
me and you

This ocean

The powerful waves
keep me trapped
beneath the surface
unable to breathe
at times
unable to see
with my very eyes
it’s like
A thousand razors
touching so gently
the core
of my very existence
this ocean
hears my silent screams
finally releasing me
but only
until the next
wave comes

Your love

I dance upon
the clouds
when I am
with you
it’s like
A fairy tale
dream dance
come true
I soar
than I ever thought
I know
that no other love
could ever
make me feel
the way
your love
makes me feel
there is
no other person
who can
make my heart
whisper their name
in tune
with their own
just the same
I know
that when
you look at me
I am who you see