I wish

I wish
to feel your touch
upon my naked skin
to feel you alive
within my burning soul
with every breath
that I take
I wish
to be wrapped
in your arms
safe from the world
where my silence
is heard
where I am understood
I wish
that time could
stand still
for even just a moment
for us
so that when we kiss
the world stops
I wish
that for a lifetime
it’s only
you and me

My Eden

It’s a feeling
between here
and space
the in between
that is unknown
it’s where you
find yourself
when you don’t even know
where you are
it’s where you go
to watch butterflies
dance upon the wind
where you let
the sun gently
kiss your skin
it’s where your soul
sings a song
that only my own
knows every word
it’s where only silence
is truly heard

Something once said

The words
from his imperfect
no other could touch
but hers
the pain
poured from him
dripping like blood
onto the floor
red he was
from his very core
from this world
no other
could see
but her
given in to
something once said
trust me
was her whisper
take my hand instead

The sky will be yours

Kaleidoscope colors
falling so free
cascading all around
showering down on me
I want you
to feel
just half of what
I’ve found
before all the happiness
touches the ground
through your eyes
I have all this
and more
if you just believe
this sky will be yours

I wonder

I sit back
and wonder
where you are
when you’re not here
I wonder
where you go
to face your fears
do you ever cry
when you’re alone
I wonder
how far do you run
when your thoughts
get too much
do I ever cross
your mind
when you’re hiding
from the world

I sit back
and wonder
I wonder