You whisper
my name
as our lips
finally touch
yours taste
of truth
mine taste
of love

your fingers
they dance
upon my warm
silky skin
they know me
so well
and yet
there is
so much more
to learn

I look into
your eyes
and feel
the freedom
that I long for
I know
within you
I’ve finally
my place
only you


My back
against the wall
I can feel
them slowly
closing in
the very breath
I breathe
they suck
right out
of me
please save me

I listen
as the rain
knocks loudly
upon this
old tin roof
my fears
I face
before me
the tears
they fall
and stain
the ground
please don’t leave me

I close
my eyes
and can
my heart
in my ears
my body
goes numb
without you
I want you here


A dream

I close my eyes
and there you are
my world feels
like it almost
like you really aren’t
that far
the moments
pass by
ever so
and there is
only you and I
I kiss you
in my dreams
and hold you
in my thoughts
and hope
that you
never let go
even after
we both awake
and realize
it’s only a dream

A beautiful soul

Your eyes
they tell me
the story
of your soul

the pain
that keeps you
at times
I see in
your eyes

the tragic
that you feel
more powerful
than most
I feel in
your eyes

the secrets
that you keep
hidden in the
deepest part
of yourself
I find in
your eyes

the many colors
that you see
when your eyes
are only
looking at me

your eyes
they tell me
the story
of your soul

one so beautiful
and perfect
one I call my own

The time has come

The time has come
To say goodbye
The words don’t come easily
And my heart begins to cry.

The tears flow
like blood
throughout my body
almost every emotion
that I feel right now

The tears sting
the pain hurts
time stops

The time has come
To say goodbye
I know this is hard
So please don’t cry

the heart searches
for something
that’s impossible to find
It creates
a bond between another
in imagination
but the reality
is very unkind

The tears sting
the pain hurts
time stops

The time has come
To say goodbye
Perhaps we’ll meet again
Another place … another time


Just kiss me

Just kiss me
before the moment
is lost
before there are
no other words
left to speak

Just kiss me
before the
sun sets
and the
moon rises

Just kiss me
so I can
taste your lips
one last time
so I can
fall in love
just to feel
that feeling

Just kiss me
before we both
say goodbye
to carry on
with our own
separate lives

Just kiss me
before there
are no more

Love is

Love Is

The innocence
of your smile
the boundaries
of your soul

Love is

the touch
of your hands
the taste
of your lips

Love is

this moment
that we share
the hidden
that I find
in your words
the stories
that unfold
from your art

Love is

the connection
between two hearts
even though
we are miles

Love is


My scream

my voice
it crumbles
when I try
to scream
the world
so empty
closing in
on me
like walls
of a prison
this is
my cell
where I am
within the coldness
within myself
all I want
is to scream
at you
at me
at the world.