I only bleed red

I hold it
all in
and confined
within the walls
of my
broken soul

I can feel myself
to get out
and louder
I want out
I beg

I close
my eyes
and everything
to black
and white
no other color
can be seen
except the one
building up
inside of me

the tears
they fall
leaving puddles
on the bed
stained sheets
of pain
I only bleed


I drink you in
and savor your taste
the flavor of your
soul is intoxicating
I crave more
your sweetness
fuels my passion
the intensity
builds my desire
the feeling
explodes inside
it consumes
my every breath
I crave more
I want the scent
to linger long
after you’re gone
to remind me
of the very soul
that I love
the very one
that I crave