the lies
from your
imperfect mouth
they stumble
and crumble
falling all the way
leaving a trail
of broken words
to lay on
the ground
for another
to fall upon

But not me
I no longer
take that path
I’ve chosen
another way

Whispers of the heart

Listen closely
my heart is whispering
“I love you”
but only through
unspoken words
Can you hear them?
Should my heart
whisper them again?

I love you too

you slip quietly
through my dreams
not even a single touch
knowing I need it so much
it almost hurts
you linger in my thoughts
long after you’re gone
the words you softly whispered
find their way to my heart

I love you ….

I love you too …

I want to be

I want to be

the very breath that you take
the sweet taste on your lips
the beauty that your eyes see
the constant beat of your heart

I want to be

dangerously in love
sweet-fully confused
intoxicated by lust
consumed by desire

I want to be

the sun shinning down on you
the love you wrap yourself in
the smile that melts you
the thoughts that you dream

I want to be

swept away by passion
seduced by just a touch
kissed by a soul
adored just because

I want to be … yours