Dancing under the moonlit sky
I had a dance with a firefly
buzzing and twirling all around me
lighting up the world for me to see

Opening my eyes to the beauty around
showing me a place that I’ve never found
a world full of wonder and imagination
a night full of dreams and anticipation

Our dream takes us on a ride
soaring us so high, feeling so alive
the moments quickly turn into memories
allowing us to fully believe.

The night starts to fade
and the promise begins of a new day
the music still plays in my head
as I lay awake in my bed

Dancing under the sunlit sky
I shared a dance with a firefly
I can’t wait for night to fall tonight
hoping again to see the blinking light.



I never wanted to change for you
But I did it anyway. I said I never
Would, I swore until my dying day

I never wanted to change directions
But somehow I did, got lost along
The way, scared, and confused
I only ran and hid

I never wanted to see myself
Especially through my own eyes
To many changes had been made
And way too many lies

I never wanted to change for you
But I did it anyway, but now I’m back
To me, the way I was, before I changed that day

All alone

In the darkest of my night I still see your face
It’s always there, your eyes always watching
Your voice is never heard but I know what you’re saying
It’s always there, not spoken but so loud and clear

I feel so close to you sometimes it overwhelms me
Sometimes I just want to push you away from my heart
But I don’t want you to go away, I just want you
So close to me, even though we’re so far apart

I close my eyes and can feel your hand on mine
Holding on tight, but never letting it go
Your hands are firm, but very gentle
A feeling of security, a feeling of love

I open my tear filled eyes, knowing it’s not true
It’s all just a dream something that isn’t fair
Knowing that it’s only me here and I’m all alone
All alone without you, without myself, without anyone


Sometimes even I have trouble finding the right words to complete the shared moment. I search inside myself but nothing comes to describe the feeling … and then I realize there aren’t any words to be said, for our existence at this moment says it all. For one single moment it’s like destiny has taken us on a journey, our souls reaching out to one another … connecting, exploring … learning to hold on because this moment is complete and perfect left unspoken … nothing can replace this moment, for we are bonded together so deeply that no words can ever describe it … the depth of this feeling we share, nor the depth of us as one ….


Silence fills my lungs
I can’t seem to speak
Thoughts of you rush through me
Making me feel painfully weak

I taste the sinful desire
Built up on my tongue
The taste is bittersweet
I hate what I’ve become

The tears burn my eyes
Struggling with you
All the lies

Why now
Why here
Why me

Fear consumes my mind
Changes every part of my life
Shivers up and down my spine
Makes me want to run and hide


You lied
I tried
I’m done

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Oh Buffalo

Oh Buffalo, Oh Buffalo where can you be
Is that really you staring back at me?
With your beady eyes, and your nostrils a flare
It gives me the creeps when you give me the stare

I try to see you grazing in the grass
But I can’t see to much cause of your ass
You look so peaceful and so sweet
If you only knew we wanted you for your meat

Your horns look like they would hurt
If you rammed them into a boy named Burt
I can’t believe that people drink your milk
But I guess they do even the ones who wear a kilt

Oh Buffalo, Oh Buffalo where can you be
Is that really you staring back at me?
With your beady eyes, and your nostrils a flare
It gives me the creeps when you give me the stare

My Mask

I pull you into my intense world, filled with my thoughts spinning out of control. Come closer to me; don’t be afraid, my simple evil laugh should comfort you.

Trapped inside myself, my mind comes to life. Spinning out of control but alive. I struggle to break free, knowing I’ll never be free from myself or the evil intensity of my mind. I’m powerless over my own power.

I hide behind my own eyes for fear of letting one see inside, letting anyone see the real me. A human creature, normal on the outside but so unlike any other on the inside. My mask protects me from the past and the pain. It doesn’t reveal the sadness that consumes my eyes or the scars that rest upon my soul. It doesn’t show the struggles my heart has been through.

I pull you into my intense world. A world filled with my thoughts spinning out of control. Come closer to me, don’t be afraid, what you see is what you get, my simple evil laugh should comfort you of that.

My love for you

I watch as the wave’s crash against the shore. They seem to tell a tale of mystery. Connecting, struggling, and then releasing … building back up and then searching for more. Are we searching for more than what we have found or have we found more than we thought we would? Are we like the waves crashing against the shore … needing more?

The intensity of the moment consumes every part of me. It consumes my entire heart and soul, building the passion that’s burning inside of me. The moment takes flight and brings my heart on this incredible journey. Unlike any other that I’ve ever known this moment feels so real and leading me to my final place in this big world.

The power of the ocean reflects the power of my love for you. It’s constant, strong and never ending. It’s the most powerful force in this world. My love for you drives me.


I count the pictures that hang on the wall; one by one I count them all. The faces they all stare back at me, looking for answers that only I can see. Through my eyes I relive so many moments and times, too many emotions rush through my mind; the tears begin to fill my eyes. These are the moments when I wish you were here, to ease all the pain and to comfort my fear. These are the moments that I wrap myself in a blanket of memories and forget the world for awhile. For all I need now is wrapped around me, for all I want is to be alone with my thoughts … myself … my love … my memories.

Remembering you

It’s still so hard with each new day
ever since they took you away
you’ve been in my life for so long
I still don’t know what went wrong

It’s hard to imagine that your not here
but in my heart you’ll always be near
I miss you more as the days go by
it takes all I have not to cry

To live each day without you
makes me love more about you
if I could have just one more wish
I would give you one last kiss

Every time I look at the stars
I’m hoping you can heal my scars
I can’t wait to see you again
and that day will come .. I promise .. my friend