Tick Tock

I whisper your name in the middle of the night. I hear an echo … its dark, I can’t see. I reach for you, the feeling doesn’t seem right, I sense the emptiness … it’s lonely … I can’t breathe.

The moments pass by like the seconds on a clock. Time doesn’t seem to stop, minute by minute, Tick Tock. I watch as the hands slowly drop, Tick Tock … it’s loud, I can’t seem to scream

My mind races … faster and faster. It’s playing tricks; I’ve been down this road before. I close my eyes and keep searching for that one closed-door. Intense pleasure, intense pain, everything is moving so fast, I can’t think, I’m going insane.

My eyes open in total silence, my body reacts to the sleepless night. I look around for you but you’re no where to be found. Closing my eyes, looking all around … I struggle to remember the events from before … All my thoughts are focused on that door … I finally scream …

I open my eyes in a panic and remember this is only a dream.

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